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Thursday, October 28, 2004

eBay item 5527273221 (Ends 23-Oct-04 01:40:07 BST) - 2 invitations to a wedding I don't want to go to

Unwanted Wedding Invitation

Monday, October 18, 2004

BBspot - MacGyver Foils Airport Security

MacGyver Bomb Plot.....

BBspot - Terror Probe Targets Aging Folk Rockers

The Axis of Folk evil.....

Friday, October 15, 2004

EnergyRadio.FM - German Fork Lift Safety Video

This is insane... and a bit a gory.

BBC NEWS | Health | Sleepwalkers who have 'sex sleep'

An argument to bear in mind at the divorce courts.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Walsall Wonderland - Tramp's Guide

I've probably included this link before, but with the advent of the Walsall Illuminations I thought it was worth another mention.
All hail the concrete hippos.


This article highlights the problems encountered with foundation style hospitals in Spain.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

BBC NEWS | Wales | Boy's eBay con nets £45,000

Monday, October 11, 2004

BBC NEWS | Business | Dell warns on fire-risk laptops

Serious one - my laptop power supply gets pretty hot, so I'm checking the numbers.

Nose Guided Mouse Developed

Don't sneeze.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

BBC NEWS | Politics | Saddam worse than thought - Straw

Jack Straw taking a leaf out of George Bush's book. Stick to your guns regardless what other people say.


Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Digital Spy - "West Wing" creator defends criticisms
West Wing Writer Quits

I've been struck down by the dreaded man flu. One of the tell tale symptoms of this variety of germ is telling everyone you speak to you're dying.
I've spent the last two days either in bed or on the sofa, and have come to the conclusion that the sole purpose of cable tv is to rot your brain.
Every channel I've flicked over to is in the middle of adverts. I have yet to catch one of them off guard showing a programme. For those of
you who don't know what I'm talking about, the programmes are those five minute slices of television which aren't trying to sell you something.
But even this isn't a hard and fast rule. Our intrepid investigator can't solve the case without the latest Nokia in ear technology (stay tuned for the next series where our intrepid investigator copes with a brain tumour and painful chemotherapy). Anyhow, I'm not going to go there, as this will likely turn into a 240 page capitalism bashing essay.

To save myself from complete mental and emotional breakdown I decided to run through the first series of the West Wing on DVD for the umpteempth time.
This was not necessarily the best method of self help, as bouts of laughter or tears are liable to bring on stomach churning coughing fits (I nearly asphixiated watching
Billy Connolly the other night). Never have I seen a TV series so engrossing or enjoyable. Its mixture of Politics, History, dry humour, ethos and storytelling make it absolutely rivetting. I have to admit, its not everyone's cup of tea. Fast dialogue, political chit chat and obscure American references make it unpalatable to some audiences, but then again, one size doesn't necessarily fit all.

So there I was, sofa bound at 9pm, and E4 were showing the new series of the West Wing. The article above - "West Wing Writer Quits" reports on Aaron Sorkin and Thomas Schlamme leaving the series (this I believe was after Series 3 - though I may be wrong). And boy does it show. And whats more the actors dont even care. Martin Sheen (commanding a room in Series I-III) reduced to inane witterings. Generic dialog, soulless characters, "personal issues". By personal issues, I mean issues that the target demographic of the audience may be going through so they can "relate" to the characters. The production studios have got their teeth in and they're not letting go. The objective : Turn the series into generic Sky One title. As I've previously stated, the studio knows its target demographic. It likes to expand this demographic, and basically sod writing integrity.

Surely one of the reasons why we pay for a television license is so the BBC can educate and inform us, not pander and commercially recruit? OK, that point is slightly off target (don't get me started on the BBC) but you can vaguely follow my drift. Yes, there needs to be mental chewing gum programmes. After long gruelling days at the office, sometimes you need no brainer programmes. But there seems to be very little alternative. And whats more disturbing is that these programmes are trying to alter our perceptions and educate us on a subliminal level. Sorry, did I say educate? Brainwash. Yes, every boy of 12 must have an XBox. Yes, its ok that 15 year old Becky is dressed like a prostitute. And whats more, there's no light behind their eyes. No twinkle to say the lights are actually on. You can be pretty sure they didn't pick up their skills at the Shakespeare school of acting. More like the Paris Hilton school of jumping on the toned workout bandwagon.

Anyhow I digress. West Wing was my pet. I don't care if some of you have watched it and thought it was really good. It was my series. I had my little office next to Toby. And they went and ruined it......

Possibly the top strength coffee plus Lemsip Cold and Flu Remedy weren't the best combination.......

P.S. The other article induced a laughter fuelled coughing spasm. "The Bush White House:The Real West Wing". Choke Choke.